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  1. Tuorto Law: DWI/DUI Asheville Driving While Impaired can result in jail time, a revoked license, court fines, and job loss. In the state of North Carolina, the sentencing for DWI/DUIs are complex, and having a strong DWI lawyer defending you can make a serious difference.
  2. Trilling, Joel: Criminal Defense, Family, Child Custody, Child Support, DUI & DWI
  3. Rowland & Yauger: The State of North Carolina is continually increasing the potential penalties under its Driving While Impaired statutes to make North Carolina's DWI laws among the toughest in the nation.
  4. Melrose Law: Why should I hire an attorney for my DWI? The North Carolina Driving While Impaired Statute is becoming increasing complicated. Sorting through potential constitutional, factual and technical defenses is a difficult thing to do. Remember, it is the District Attorney’s job to prosecute you to the fullest extent possible. Unless you have an attorney in court fighting for your rights, it is not a level playing fie.
  5. DeVere Lentz: Drunk Driving – North Carolina DUI laws are becoming stricter with each passing year. North Carolina especially has adopted a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level (BAC) exceeding 0.08 percent or with an open container in tow.
  6. Macht, Michael: Automobile Accidents and Injuries Child Sexual Abuse Criminal Law Divorce Driving Under the Influence More Automobile Accidents and Injuries Child Sexual Abuse Criminal Law Divorce Driving Under the Influence Driving While Intoxicated DUIDWI Family Law Narcotics and Drugs Crime Personal Injury Separation Sexual Assault Traffic Violations Truck Accidents Uncontested Divorce Wrongful Death
  7. Barnett & Atkins: Recently, we have seen a push for stiffer penalties and higher conviction rates in driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases in North Carolina. The public pressure on local courts and law enforcement officials underscores the need for experienced legal defense for your drunk driving charges.
  8. Rockey, Arlaine: Criminal Defense Cases
  9. Gast, Jason: Traffic and Driving Violations No matter what the driving offense, we can help provide you with low-cost, effective legal representation with the goal of minimizing the impact on your insurance. In some cases, we can appear on your behalf, without you having to attend court at all. Our goal is to take the hassle out of traffic court. We handle all kinds of driving charges, including: Traffic and Driving Violations • Speeding • Expired Tags and Registration • Driving With a Revoked License • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) • Reckless Driving • Hit and Run We can help you avoid expensive problems with the DMV and with your insurance company. Contact us for more detailed information.
  10. Nelson Law Office: DRIVING OFFENSES: driving while license revoked, DWI/DUI, hit and run, fleeing and eluding, etc. DRUG OFFENSES: trafficking, sales, possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a dwelling, etc. WEAPONS OFFENSES: hunting violations, possession of a firearm by a felon, concealed weapon violations, etc. PROPERTY CRIMES: larceny, embezzlement, fraud, injury to personal property, injury to real property, etc. CRIMES AGAINST THE PERSON: all assaults, domestic violence crimes, sexual assault and other sex crimes, etc.
  11. Rollman, Tony: All Felonies All Misdemeanors Violent Crimes Sex Offenses Assault Kidnapping Gun Cases Robbery/Burglary Larceny/Arson Fraud/Forgery Murder/Manslaughter Probation Violation Domestic Violence (50B) DWI Speeding Tickets Traffic Tickets DMV Hearings Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  12. Moore Law Offices: * Appeals and appellate law * Arson * Assault, battery, robbery, and other violent crimes * Burglary and theft-related offenses * Drug and narcotic offenses, drug possession, drug trafficking * Drunk driving, driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI) * Firearms, gun possession, and related weapon offenses * Traffic violations, speeding, license suspensions, other charges occurring on state and local highways, including Interstate 26 and Interstate 40 * White collar crimes, embezzlement, fraud, theft
  13. Macht, Michael: Driving While Intoxicated One of the most complicated cases for a person to deal with is an Impaired Driving Offense. The law in this area changes faster than any other area of law and the implications become more difficult every year for a person and his family to handle. Upon being stopped by an officer an impaired operation investigation begins. You need to be prepared at that point as well. A competent attorney will be able to determine if the officer's decision to stop the vehicle was valid, if the officer had Probable Cause to arrest you, and if the officer followed all procedural aspects required to be followed to obtain a conviction. DUIDWI
  14. Eugene Ellision: Even though millions of traffic violations occur every year in the United States, the majority of individuals involved in traffic offenses may never need to see the inside of a courtroom or contact a lawyer. Lesser offenses like speeding and parking tickets can be handled in less time-consuming and officious ways. Felony and misdemeanor traffic violations are serious matters that can result in heavy fines, loss of a driver‚s license, increased insurance premiums, and even imprisonment. They are criminal and civil matters and should be taken seriously.
  15. Al Messer: You should consult an attorney in person before making important decisions involving any legal matter.
  16. Andrew Banzhoff: 1) Can I just pay my ticket? Of course. But you should be aware that simply paying off your ticket could result in consequences to your insurance and in some cases license suspension, even if this is your first offense.
  17. Curtis Sluder: DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED The alcohol concentration restriction for driving in North Carolina is .08 In a commercial vehicle, the alcohol concentration restriction is .04 Any alcohol for a driver less than 21 years old is treated similar to DWI
  18. Wade Hall: ...drunk driving (DUI) and other serious traffic-related offenses such as driving after license revocation, driving after suspension, speeding, reckless driving, and so forth... can have serious consequences. A DUI conviction can result in fines and possible jail time. Your auto insurance rates can go up, and you may lose your license.
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